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"Lindsay has such patience when working with my daughter. She is calm and understanding. Her knowledge has taught me to be a better mother to a daughter with anxiety. Lindsay's breathing techniques have improved bedtime stress and working through anxious thoughts. Our lives have been transformed since working with Lindsay."

- Michele K.

"Lindsay is incredible. She listens closely to my needs and helps build out thoughtful plans to address my goals. She is flexible and gracious in how she manages more stressful or harder recovery phases that I've gone through. I highly recommend her!"

- Nicole H.

"Lindsay is a phenomenal multidimensional provider who gives her patients personalized attention to support them during the healing process. Not only did she help me heal an old (and painful) injury, but she also helped me transform my life."

- Kristin M.

"Lindsay is amazing! She has been leading a corporate yoga class for my company for over the past year. Her classes are such a stress reliever and helps to push you mentally and physically, regardless of your level. I highly recommend Lindsay's class."

- Dana L.

"Lindsay is so caring, so effective, and so helpful. I would HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend her in every regard. She has helped me improve my well-being and my life, and she is such a breath of fresh air, the kind of person that is just so easy to be around."

- Amanda S.

"From the first session, Lindsay and I were on the same page. She was completely on my pregnancy journey with me, invested in the ups and downs and I felt she was completely in tune with what I needed each week."

- Priya L.

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